Carl Meek's Build & Race Diary for the Westfield Duratec
Build: Engine

November 20 2008 - Engine Rebuild again
After the dodgy rolling road, 4 conrods needed refreshing

October 19 2008 - Engine Build Complete
The engine is now full built. Today finished off the timing and put the side casings on. Now i'm waiting on dry sump, bellhousing and gearbox.

October 17 2008 - Engine Build Part One
Lots of fun! Glass of wine helped with the lubrication. Head complete, crank in place. More tomorrow...

October 3 2008 - It begins!
I went to SBD to pick up the engine and performance components. I used their workshop to strip down the engine to leave them with the head and crank which will take a couple of weeks to upgrade. Meanwhile i've got all the new goodies! Off to pick up the new chassis from Westfield tomorrow...